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Although we are operating this new business through a website, our ethos is very much focused on personal attention at all times.

Websites can often be cold places pushing people into boxes convenient for an administrator, but often inconvenient for a customer.

We will be making every effort to develop this website like a shop with hopefully a flow of really interesting information in addition to the products we will be selling.

We will always be ready to help and support each and every customer whether it is to answer a question, help with some product information, or assist with the website process.

We can take orders outside the website for those who prefer this way, and this can be done by telephone…

Telephone : 01896 823 765  (Monday – Friday 10.00 – 18.00)

You can contact us on any day and at any time by sending an email to …


If you need to send anything by mail, including returned items, the address is…

Artisan Route
14 Dingleton Drive
Scottish Borders

We are happy to receive your feedback with comments or suggestions, and we will try and do what is possible but within limitations. Clive Webber