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About Us

Artisan Route is recognised as a top specialist in Alpaca, Pima Cotton, and Silk.

What sets us apart at Artisan Route…?

We work with some of the finest producers in each of these fibres and our products are led from design in all elements. We are famous for our colour spectrum, our styling, our dedication to fitting specifications, and of course to the detailed and painstaking finishing of our production.

We will be bringing new collections in each of the principal seasons of the year. We plan to develop new product ideas as we evolve and carefully expand our look and our offer.

Who are we…?

You may well know me, Clive Webber, from my previous company Spirit of the Andes, founded in 1993 and then that company closing its doors in August 2015. So I have been bringing the best in Alpaca, Pima Cotton, and Silk over the last 30 years. Now with this new young company  Artisan Route, you will find many beautiful designs in fabulous new colours. We will keep you up to date on this website with our new developments as they happen.

Why the name Artisan Route…?

The name Artisan Route came from a conversation with our designer Jana Riveros, discussing the benefits of taking a more global view of the best products available. So rather than just concentrating on one geographical area, so much more could be found by taking an ‘artisan route’ approach seeking out the finest artisan and atelier producers, where high standards run from concept through all aspects of production to final finish. Attention to the smallest detail is the hallmark of this.

What is important to us…?

What we think is more important than a name is what lies behind a name. Our ethos has always been the cornerstone of the way we have worked in the past, and in the future our aim is even higher.

My wife, Susanna, and I will be the UK team from the start, based in Melrose in the Scottish Borders, and step by step and with care we will develop the business keeping on top of each detail.

Over time we will be expanding our information and also links to other good websites which we think may be of interest to you. To see our products in reality somewhere near you we have also listed our stockists in one of the above tabs.

We now offer a TRY AT HOME  service so you can see, touch, and try on different garments. So choose one, two, three, or even more items to help you with your selection.

For selections of £99 or more we will provide FREE DELIVERY AND FREE RETURNS.

When you return any or all of the items, we will refund the purchase price and the return postage cost.

Personal service is our highest aim, so please feel free to telephone us for any information, or assistance with this website. We can help with colour, sizing, and fit information on any product.

You can of course place orders outside the website by telephone to 01896 823 765
(Monday-Friday 10.00-18.00). 

Clive Webber